👌Gas Fees for Cross-chain Operations via TIF Protocol

Who and how pays transaction fees for cross-chain operations conducted with the TIF protocol.

Who Pays Transaction Fees

The TIF protocol implements the following cross-chain operations:

  • Cross-chain swaps,

  • Interchain communicating (adding liquidity to third-party DeFi protocols via cross-chain Zaps),

  • Bridging

  • Reverting stuck cross-chain operations.

Each cross-chain operation is a sequence of steps on the source blockchain and destination blockchains.

For the user, there is just one transaction. The user signs this transaction and sends it to the source blockchain (the blockchain where the user has assets). The user pays gas fees for this transaction.

In fact, a cross-chain operation always involves more than one transaction. Relayers sign and send transactions for S-chain and the destination blockchain . And the relayers pay the gas fee for the transactions.

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