👆Farming on TIF Protocol

Unlock Rewards with the TIF Liquidity Program: receive rewards for providing assets to TIF liquidity pools

Rewards for Providing Liquidity

The TIF protocol owns two AMM multi-token liquidity pools: TIF to implement cross-chain operations. The TIF pools are located on BNB: the TIF host chain.

Once you supply liquidity to one of these pools, you will become a liquidity provider and receive a share of liquidity provider fees at the time you will withdraw your assets from the pool. The longer assets stay in a liquidity pool, the more you receive.

You can withdraw assets in full at any time at your convenience.

Liquidity Provider Fees

The liquidity provider fees are charged for all swaps performed on pools. The fees taken during trades are added to the total liquidity of the pool. When a liquidity provider withdraws their assets from the pool, they also receive a proportional share of all fees collected since the liquidity was first added. This mechanism is a part of the AMM pool protocol. The main points here:

  • You get rewards once: when you withdraw liquidity,

  • The rewards are in the tokens of the pool,

  • The reward amount depends on the trading activity in the pool.

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